process Product name Feature Application
Pre-treatment USC 2370T   Alkaline soak cleaner   Cu, Cu alloy, Al,Steel
USC 1021   Heavy alkaline soak/electro cleaner   Steel, Cu, Cu alloy
ACT-KT   Metal activator   All metals
ACT-70   “F” contained metal activator   Al, Ti, Stainless steel.
Al Pre-treatment 2370T   Non silicone/non etch cleaner   Al
Etch-10   Acidic Al etchant   Al
ADM 300/400   Fluoride free/Nitric free desmut   Al
Aluzin-50   Al zincate (50%)   Al zincate
Aluzin-100   Al zincate (100%)   Al zincate
Plastic pre-tretment Pre etch-817   PC/ABS surface conditioner   Pre-etch
Nicate-862   Neutralizer   Neutralizer
Nicate-780   Pd activator   Pd Activator
Nicate-880   Alkaline electroless nickel   Electroless nickel
Cu brightener Cu-305   Copper brightener   Rack
Ni brightener GS-8   Excellent brightness   Rack
LS-1   Bright and ductile nickel brightener   Rack/barrel
PN-205   micro crystalline satin to a full matte
BTL-607   Semi-bright   Semi-bright
XR-300   Under layer for tin   Prevent discoloration
Chrome Ultra 120   Decorative chrome   Decorative
Ultra NF   Nickel activator   Electrolytic activator
HC-112   High speed hard chrome   Hard chrome
Alloy plating Halloy SNC   Tin-cobalt alloy   Dark grey color
Halloy SNI   Tin-nickel alloy   Black
AWB   Acidic copper-tin alloy   Silver white
Precious metal Silvrex   Bright silver   Organic
Ag-HS   Semi-bright silver   Inorganic
Ag-WS   Silver anti tarnish   Anti tarnish
Au-VC   Good appearance gold   Hard gold
Au-HCC   High speed gold   Connector,PCB
Au-HD   Cobalt alloy gold   Electric parts
Au-HGL   Cobalt alloy gold, bright   Electric parts
Au-840   Neutral gold electroplate   Soft gold
Tin plating SN-748   Sulfuric base, low foaming tin   Matt, sulfuric base
SN-758   Sulfuric base, low foaming tin   Bright, sulfuric base
SN-H2   MSA base tin   High speed semi bright
SN-1405   MSA base tin   High speed bright
Process Product name Feature Application
Pre-treatment HS-701   Acid cleaner. Soak/spray   Acid cleaner
HS-702   Uniform roughness   Soft etch
HS 100   Potassium base   Developer
Hobond 150   Horizontal, automatic line   Oxide
AF-54   Non silicone   Defoamer
PTH Homer 401   High reliability   Desmear
Cu-1406   Good adhesion and covering   Electroless copper
ST-20   Super throwing power   Electrolytic copper

Final finish

1806 A   Universial OSP   OSP
1806 HT   High Temp, selective OSP   OSP
Silver-1830   HASL alternative PCB final finish   Immersion silver
Ni-1856   P 6% Electroless nickel   Electroless nicke
Au #1   24 carat gold on nickel   Immersion gold
Hostan   Good stability   Immersion tin